Moody lady


For some reason I was reading through some of my old posts. Man…I am one moody lady.

I figure instead of trying to act like I am something I’m not I might as well embrace me and just own that shit!

I Hold on

I hide within myself
Afraid to let you in my life

I hide my feelings deep inside
Can’t bring myself to start the fight

I have been loved so hard I’ve died
I can no longer see the light

But I hold on, I hold on to you

Safe place

I search my mind for peace and I hear your voice, and your words bring me home.

It isn’t comfortable, or peaceful, but an acknowledgment of the hardships of life and love and compassion and anger and retribution.

You make me feel like I am not alone.

You are my safe place in darkness. You are my guiding light in uncertainty.

You give me a safe place to be….me.

Burning bras

So all you big breasted women will understand – you spend a lot of time with your girls in prison because when let out they get a bit unruly. So my babies are locked down most of the time but today I had worn a sports bra that was a little too constricting so in a rare moment of feminine freedom I have burnt my bra…

Kidding I just took it off – my girls are so happy and when they are happy…I am happy…

Are lines meant to be crossed?

Our whole lives are built around lines and boundaries. Some should be prodded, tested, broken. Others are not quite so clear…

What makes crossing that line worth it?

What holds us back from even trying?

I used to think I would never see a line I wouldn’t at least try to cross – but as life progresses the lines become wider and they crisscross over your soul and you feel like there is no longer any way to escape – without treading on a line…that once breached will ruin your world…

And so you become complacent and cautious and a part of you doesn’t even exist anymore…

Makes me want to stomp on the next line I see…