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Sometimes the scars from my past stand out so starkly on my skin.

At those times I can’t ignore their presence.

On those days I can’t stop the memories that haunt me.

I can’t help but relive each moment that led to each scar.

What do you do when the past comes back to haunt you?

Cry, scream, drink, pray, fight? All of the above?

Death by Dragonfruit

I know everyone has seen all those wonderful “fruit” drinks on the market – high in antioxidants or vitamin c, low cholesterol…good stuff.

Or not.

I am pretty sure the Dragonfruit infused beverage tried to kill me. Within 15 minutes of consumption I had a head-ache, followed by shaking, nausea and rounded out with a dry, or parched, feeling.

Oh. And I kind of wanted to lay down and die.

There was a couple of minutes that Pops thought I just might…kick it that is.

The back and forth with Jeff regarding what should be done with my body if I did in fact die was heart-warming…really guys…I am still all chocked up about it.

Or that chocked up feeling could be remnants of Dragonfruit still swirling around in my poor abused body.

Venus and Mars

Difference between boys and girls.

A girl calls out to her significant other, who is in the other room, and he will either not answer or yell back “What” or “Huh” or something equally intelligent. The girl will then stop what she is doing and go to where the boy is to repeat her initial statement.

A boy does the same and when the girl calls out “What” or “Huh” or similar the boy will just continue with what he is doing. Since the girl can’t NOT know what he said and since he won’t come to her or repeat, she stops what she is doing again and goes to him and, quite likely, apologizes for not having super human hearing and then asks him to repeat himself.