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Butter Brain

I have taken obsession paired with distraction paired with my own version of sad and crazy to glorious levels.

Since I have gotten my jeep back home I haven’t driven anything else even though we have another car sitting in the driveway. I love my jeep / it is a deep kind of love! Really!

So the 4Runner had been sitting in the driveway collecting dust and it needs cleaning like you wouldn’t believe!

The only reason I drove it was because we have been cursed with warm, constant rain and I don’t mind getting a little wet (insert dirty thoughts), Aidan really doesn’t like the open jeep when it is raining hard – and I totally get it!

So we have been saying for weeks that we need to get the 4Runner washed and today – finally – I had time. Now you have to understand I had already taken it through one if those washes that don’t use brushes or cloth / just high powered spray and it did nothing – that is how dirty the car is…

So in my mind I am thinking / clean the car, clean the car…clean the….squirrel…

And I walked outside and it wasn’t raining and I actually saw the sun so I jumped in the jeep and took off.

I finally had some extra time so I thought / hey I’ll go get the car washed so I drove to the car wash, paid for the service, pulled up and rolled up my window and then I looked behind me to make sure the back windows were up…

And THAT is when I realized I was seconds away from taking my topless jeep into a car wash.

They had to back everyone behind me up and let me out of a side entrance.

I was so focused on getting the 4Runner clean that it hadn’t connected in my mind that I wasn’t in the 4Runner.

So if you are having a bad day – there you go – think of me and say to yourself – at least I didn’t pull a Myla.

My son does call me butter brain for a reason (along with butter fingers and butter feet – cause I’m clumsy).

You’re welcome.

Losing someone you never really had…

Sometimes, sometimes, I hate meeting new people.  They are polite, you make each other laugh a few times, they have a great voice so listening isn’t hard.  Then you talk and it is so easy and you think, man would I love to have this person in my life.  This person right here could be a good friend forever.

But that person you connect to isn’t meant to be in your life for longer than those few blissful moments.

Sometimes you are lucky to have a few meaningful conversations.

Ones in which you opened up and shared things out loud with another individual that you haven’t shared with anyone else.

And they made you smile, or laugh, or cry and in those few moments they changed a little bit of you.

Sure, take time to mourn the loss you feel.

But focus on what they made you feel, how they changed you in those few moments…this is what you hold on to, not the loss.


Be sexy…

The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart.

And being thoughtful.

And being generous.

Everything else is crap, I promise you.

It is just crap that people try to sell you to make you feel like less.

So don’t buy it.

Be smart.

Be thoughtful.

And be generous.

-Word Porn