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Buy the Album

To all those out there that buy a single song, that chart topping song and nothing else…stop

Buy the album. And listen.

They will tell you a story…of a moment in time, of happiness or tragedy but you can’t get the whole picture – you can’t really feel the individual song if you don’t know the full story. The full story makes the individual songs better – more powerful.

Passenger, All the Little Lights – the big song was Let her go and I love that song but it wasn’t the best song on that album – go and listen…to it all.

Fun. Be Calm is probably my favorite but there are so many other powerful songs – One Foot and All alright. We are young got so much credit but I love Sight of the Sun and Out on the town.

Could, but won’t, go on.

Don’t buy just a song – buy the story!! You won’t regret!


I don’t know many people who feel music like I do…I wished I knew more…I like a wide range and many people have described my playlists as whiplash because I can roam from Otis to Beatles to Imagine Dragons to Eminem to Zedd to Passenger and Fun and Mumford and Sons to the Eagles to Sam Hunt to classical to swing and back again…just to name a few. It captures me. It can make a bad day good. It can make me reflective and quiet on a good day. It makes me rise and fall in the most amazing ways. If you don’t feel it – take a deep breath and close your eyes so that all you have is that sound…that addictive voice and let it take you away.

You’re welcome