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Carry the Ocean

Carry the Ocean by Heidi Cullinan

I have never written a proper review – not sure I would even know where to start but I wanted to share my first thoughts upon completion – which are below. And I wish you could see the things I highlighted so I could read them again and again – there were so many I felt like I could highlight the whole book. Usually when I am moved I just start reading from the beginning again but I couldn’t this time – it was so powerful I am in a limbo – I don’t want to read anything else but I’m not ready to dive in again – this had to be one of the best books I have read in a long time. To the author – thank you!

My thoughts at the end: Have you ever read a book that floored you emotionally and because you live on emotions, of yours and of others that you lived in a moment or in a series of moments physically, not just emotional but a visceral reaction to what you are experiencing at the hands of a truly gifted author. That was this book. I have an autistic son and I, personally, suffer from severe anxiety. And this book was – a shining light in my mind. To see strong and powerful characters struggling with their lives – to see how they fight and overcome. To see the friendships built on kindness and respect and so much unconditional love. This is the kind of book that makes you want to be alive, it makes you want to fight, it makes you feel bold and courageous. It made me laugh and cry and rant and at times – completely melt the fuck down. This book destroyed me and finished by making me feel like I could be whole – if I just had the courage to fight for myself and those that love me. For the first time I rated a book – and I know I suck because authors put their souls on the line and I love to read and the least I could do is rate a book even if I don’t know how to give a proper review. But I am a bit of a coward. I live in a state of uncertainty and darkness and I think – who cares what I think.?.? This book – makes me not care what others think of what I think…I want to be bold enough to put my opinion out there.

Whispers II

I had pre-ordered the new Passenger album so it was auto-delivered to me on release day – which made me ridiculously happy and tells you exactly how easy I can be to please…sometimes.

I was mixed up devouring another collection of songs so it just sat for a couple of days but I just broke it out and I will honestly say that I am struggling with the words to use to describe what I heard.

The songs felt raw and were insanely powerful because they are delivered with such quiet intensity. I was, in a word, captivated.

I am no critic – I don’t know a lot about music…I just know what makes me “feel” so in the end all I can really say is that if you don’t go out and grab this then you will be missing out.

Go now.