Breaking up is hard to do

So those that know me know that I am in a perpetual state of motion. I’m “twitchy”.

As I was waiting for my 3 dozen crickets to get counted out I beat a steady tap of foot and after a minute the sweet girl helping me mumbles out an apology and tells me that it will just be another minute. My foot stops tapping and I chuckle and tell her I’m really not in any hurry and I start counting the tiles in the ceiling to keep still. Now, I have known this girl for about a year although we don’t see each other outside of this environment so we keep up a pretty steady stream of chatter and I think things are fine until I hear her apologize for upsetting me and when I frowned in response she said “You won’t even look at me”.

Well, no I wasn’t because as previously mentioned I was counting tiles – to keep still – because the twitching bothered her. But she didn’t know that.

I stopped counting and made eye contact and smiled at her and for reasons I can’t quite comprehend (this happens a lot) I said simply “Oh, it’s not you, it’s me” and then I am pretty sure I blushed. I admit this is where I could have explained my twitchiness but since I have found it mostly makes me sound like a crazy person I just…don’t…anymore.

She turned away and in a near whisper said she hadn’t heard that since it came out of her own mouth while breaking up with her last boyfriend.

I paid and left and it wasn’t until just now that I realized I had unintentionally broken up with the cashier at the pet store.

And I forgot the dog biscuits – I hope things aren’t awkward tomorrow.