On a leash

The same 5 entered my arena but tonight they had an additional member. She was just a bit shorter than me and skinny with long dark hair and smoky gray eyes. She was beautiful and completely unassuming like she didn’t realize she how she looked. I loved hot girls who had no idea of their power. She slid herself into the booth and The Mute planted himself right at her side. They didn’t touch but they were close and not just physically. They had a history…a past, a present and a future. He didn’t seem to talk to her either though so maybe he didn’t talk to anyone.

I took their first round of orders. I think the girl – Sarah – ordered for him this time because she looked way to little to throw back a Cosmo, a Sam Adams and a tequila chaser.

He paid the tab in whole…and doubled the amount…again. I had a hard time being upset about him being rude ‘cause he tipped too fucking well.

Tonight Baxter picked me up from work. I mean he showed up to get me home safely but he also quite literally picked me up and kissed me for the world to see. He must have been feeling affectionate and probably bad about pulling a knife on me so he was making amends in a way. He could kiss too and in the way I mean that is his mechanics were great. The gentle introduction, the lick of penetration and the soft moan that reverberates through both participants that lets you know that is exactly what he wanted to do to you forever, until you were willing to give him something else to do. His kisses were always so fucking tragic because the perfection was wasted on me. It should have lit me up but it didn’t and it wasn’t him…no one had lit me up for a long time.

And then Sarah walked by, on her way home, being escorted by The Mute and she looked fresh as rain and…very tempting. I hadn’t had a female in months.

She looked really happy with The Mute and I wondered if they were a couple. She smiled up at him with a softness and care and I remembered hearing her voice back in the bar, that voice in the middle of the deep rumbling of the boys was strong but feminine. She is whom I would most definitely destroy if she ever let me get close enough. Just as those thoughts passed through my head the Mute turned and looked at me and then his stare shifted to Baxter and his step faltered. She turned also, looked at Baxter and I and then gripped his arm and tugged him along…kind of like he was a dog that was on a walk with his master. He was trying to get free to chase that squirrel running up the tree or to run over and mark his territory but she wouldn’t give him his leave. Clearly no free run around the neighborhood for you buddy.

And that was my next 2 months. Those 5 boys and 1 girl came in every night. Every fucking night and they requested my table. Waited for one to be open even. And they stayed for hours. They talked to me – asked what I was at school for, was I dating the boy they always saw me with, where did I live, what did I do for fun. I couldn’t fathom the interest really but you couldn’t help but be charmed by them all. They were good people. Most of them (Note maybe not the Mute) were polite, considerate, kind and generous. I really wanted to fucking hate them all because it was hard to walk around being mad and ready to die when you are surrounded by niceness.

The tall, dark and handsome one from the first night was David. Once he stood up I realized he had to hit 6’2” and he was by far the most outgoing and social. It didn’t take long for him to take a true interest. That one always had a question on the tip of his tongue. He was the first to make introductions.

“We are going to camp out in your section until…well I guess…always. Don’t worry we grow on people.” And he smiled.

And I smiled. Just pulled my lips up at the corners and I could feel a twinkle in my eye as the smile was genuine.

What. The. Fuck. Where did that come from?

He grew on you fast. Like the plague maybe. Right, exactly like the plague. I kind of felt contaminated.

Eric was shorter, but everyone was shorter than David, and he was built for football or pro-wrestling. He was tight all around. I was sure we could have played a good game of quarters off his abs but that would have probably been pretty inappropriate to suggest so I kept the idea to myself. Pity really.

Jackson was tall and lanky but he kicked the tan and dark hair like David and Eric. He had these great brown eyes though…with flicks of green and blue but strongly brown.

Derek was the little guy. Maybe 5’9” but he didn’t mind the typical so he was all short man piss and vinegar. Small but full of attitude and he no doubt got more play than any of the other boys….combined. I might have even made a play if it weren’t for Baxter and if I actually liked guys at all. That was what he threw – just pure confidence and sex and even I had a hard time convincing myself he wouldn’t be worth trying.

I still don’t know about The Mute. In the last couple of months I have shared myself as little as possible while still pulling off being welcoming and polite. They always wanted to know what I was doing, where I was going, who I was seeing. I didn’t get it really. Why they cared or bothered. Why they spent time waiting for one of my tables when there was other tables in other sections open.

But what was even more confusing and, honestly, annoying was that not only did HE not introduce himself to me but no one else at the table dared to either. He was a ghost.

He still hadn’t looked me in the eyes once and he never spoke. Not to me. Not to his brothers. Not to Sarah.   He was reserved. Sad. Bored?